Lower Gas Prices is a Republican Ploy to Win in November?

Okay, I got a phone call from a buddy up north the other day warning me that I’ve become too political. 

I said, “Really?” and he said, “Really!”

and I said, “I don’t think so…” and he said, “Trust me.”

 to which I replied, “I’m not trying to be…” and he retorted, “Well, it sure sounds like it…”

then I acquiesced, “Okay, maybe… a little.” so he rejoined, “You are and you know it!”

while I confirmed, ” I guess if it walks like a duck…” he affirmed, “After a while  you start quackin’  up.”

So I admit that I have mentioned our government and it’s illustrious members on occasion, it is true.  But I do respect the high office and ‘the republic for which it stands…  one nation, (somethin’ somethin’ )  indivisible… with liberty and justice for all… ‘  

But sometimes it is just too tempting to pass up.

It wasn’t long ago when gas prices started going up we blamed it on 9/11 and the war in Iraq,  then it was because we didn’t have enough refineries and Hurricane Katrina, then it was because of the stock markets reaction and the modernization of the people in China (“who don’t hardly have anything…”) then it was because of supply and demand, the approaching  Labor Day week-end,  the beginning of football season,  the Fall Equinox,  the Man in the Moon and a fart in a whirlwind. 

Now that gas prices start coming back down who can you blame? (!)  The Republicans,  of course!  It is a well documented fact that George Bush’s popularity is directly related to gas prices.  If the cost goes up, his approval rating goes down.  So the Republicans have  surmised that if the price of gas goes down around election time, the President won’t seem to be such a liability to their re-elections!  It is that simple. 

 So I have a plan.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if of the 50 states in the union, we held elections every month?  Don’t lump all these campaigns together under one banner in November, that is not conducive to good local input.  If 4 states were to hold their elections in and around their prospective locations, for example: Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan, ( whose boundaries and commerce could be directly influenced by the others) then people in Florida, California, Arkansas or New Hampshire (who could care less)  wouldn’t be effected.  Alaska and Hawaii have no bordering states so their elections would be as separate entities.  Each month in these United States,  every two years (for a Congressman) to six years (for a Senator),  the nations attention would be divided by local interests for their prospective areas and the race for the presidency would occur every four years.  If  at any given month some politician headed for the nations capitol were being elected there would be no November “sweeps” .  Interest in government would not be so passive because there would always be a buzz of activity somewhere in America.  That would help keep gas prices lower all year long because the Republicans control gas prices and want to be re-elected.  The Democrats would have to get control of prescription drug prices or the insurance industry as a counter measure.

Of course,  hold that fan mail!  This is just a postcard from the edge so don’t be lickin’ your 39 cent stamps yet, folks.  Our system of government has been around for a long time… longer than gas lines prior to a hurricane so you know a change isn’t going to be coming soon…

but I’d be as happy as a duck in water if we could siphon ourselves off of big oil faster than we’ve gotten rid of the tobacco industry.  (30 years and counting) Can we honestly believe that is going to be happening soon?  Bush talks the walk, but…

 … quack,  quack… AFLACK!  (don’t get me started)


3 Responses to “Lower Gas Prices is a Republican Ploy to Win in November?”

  1. Wyatt Buchanan Says:

    Heres the real reason the prices dropped.


  2. chrisfiore5 Says:

    Hi Wyatt and thanks for that information… my observations were tongue in cheek, but it is more fun to blame the Republicans than to be confused with the facts! peace

  3. LasyMeen Says:

    Dear Folk!
    How you have met Christmas?
    You have brought a smile to my face all year long. … I never would have met such a fun, interesting group of people.
    Mark Oem

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