Sen. Ted Stevens verses the free and open Internet

I don’t know about you, but…   I like my Internet the way it is. (fool)  I’ve been enjoying the fruitages of our modern technology for about 10 years now and I only see it improving with age.  Why would ANYBODY want to confine, confuse or control what the public has been enjoying and has generated BILLIONS of dollars into our economy?  Maybe the head of national commerce?  Naw, that don’t make sense… it is already by and large a complete boon to modern industry, why put the brakes on it after such a track record? 

37 years ago a boogie group called Canned Heat came out with a song called, “Same All Over” and the hook was,  “It’s the same all over good people everywhere you go…”  But that doesn’t appear to be true for the glorious state of Alaska.  What might be good for Floridians, Californians, New Yorkers or Iowans may not be good for Alaskans.  Case in point:  access to the Internet.

I sat and listened to Senator Ted Stevens’ (R. Alaska) little tirade on the Internet and his anger over a delayed e-mail (this speech (?) is available in it’s entirety on the web) and I thought, “This would be humorous if it weren’t so darn scary.”  Is this typical of the brain power from the people of Alaska?  Alaska by the way gets about 140% – 180% return on every tax dollar it sends to Washington.  (The highest return of any state in the union, the average is less than half)  After finding that out I stopped and wondered… why?  What valuable commodity does Alaska have that might make the federal government (your servant) so generous to a state with an estimated population (in 2005) of less than 700,000 people?  The answer…(of course) was obvious, they have those cute little penguins!  oh yeah, and that pipeline…

I read a brief history of Sen. Stevens (on his web page) and I have to say I was impressed.  By all accounts he appears to be a credible human being who lived a very distinguished life.  (briefly accounted for on his web page)  The fact that he is third in line to the presidency (which I also read on his web page) proves that he has a lot of power, influence and clout among his fellow Senators.  Sen. Stevens makes the security of the United States a priority beings as he is the Chairman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.  (yeah, that was on his web page, too)   When tough issues arise in the Senate, Ted’s motto has always been, “Do what is best for Alaska.”  (ditto)

So ya gotta wonder, when a bill was to introduced that would require the U.S. government to publish online a database of federal spending Sen. Stevens cried “foul” and placed a hold on it.  Was that a threat to national security?  If our government (your servant) has to put into account and make available to it’s citizens a history of monies spent, isn’t that a good thing?  Sen. Stevens says he has questions on the bill, (like how much is going to be revealed about the “penguin state”?… this was not on his web site) but other Senators have noted that those questions would have been answered if he had attended the hearings (he sits on the committee where this bill was considered) prior to blocking it.  (He was also involved in a controversial bridge proposal a year ago, would that have shown up, too?)

So now Sen. Stevens is concerned about Net Neutrality, though he has admitted that he doesn’t know what that is.  He thinks people are getting rich off of the web and causing small time users a hardship.  Frankly, I don’t think so… I get e-mails from all over the world and I haven’t noticed a “slowing down” because of people “loading it like a truck”.  The Internet is supply and demand, we indirectly pay for it using the services for access and the purchasing of products.  The information we get is much faster than television, radio or newspaper and it is constantly updated.  It has opened up a world that only a few short years ago people only dreamed about.  Instant access, communication, education, entertainment and information at our finger tips.  Why is that wrong?  Is the unhindered educating of the public a bad thing?  Ancient rulers used to think so, have we reverted back to tyranny?

There is an old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” that I think applies here.  Granted there are things happening that aren’t always on the up and up, but why punish the masses for the acts of a few?  We average Joes like our freedom of expression.  There is nothing wrong with having the ability to “boldly go” and have the opportunity to explore cyberspace without the watchful eyes of our helpful government.  Protect us, yes… but is this blog and/or it’s contents hurting you, Senator? 

And what is best for Alaska might be more of what the web has to offer, after all… I hear those winter months can be awfully long, cold and dreary.  Why leave Alaskans isolated in terms of technology?  There is a big, bad, beautiful world out there and the people have a right to have access to it.  With all your qualifications and chairmanships, with all your tenure and influence, with all your heart, soul and mind… Senator Stevens, please… don’t spoil it. 

The cat is out of the bag…

Learn more about our 49th state at:     …while you still can.         (not on his web site… must not be good for Alaska)   I dunno why, ask him!


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