Katherine Harris is my kind of man

Okay,  before I go any further I just gotta say this;  Katherine Harris is much better looking than Bill Nelson but that is where the similarities end.  She reminds me of the late, great Walter Payton who used to high step his way to the end zone wearing #34 for the Chicago Bears.  Snubbed by endorsers and asked by her party not to run, Harris has succeeded in capturing the Republican nomination for the U. S. Senate race in Florida.  Talk about running through the opposition, Katherine didn’t pay attention to the detractors and scored a touchdown!  But you have to wonder is she going to be able to win over  her opponent in the primary?

Like 49% of the U.S. I was kinda mad at Katherine after the 2000 elections, I felt we got robbed of a fair count in Florida.  My suspicions were not quieted at the finding of Bush’s “guarantee” of winning in Florida, where his kid brother is Governor.  It seemed all too convenient to me and I must say I’ve resented her ever since.  I don’t know that Gore would have been a better president, but now we may never know.  Harris says she was just obeying the law but now I’m not sure…

When I heard of the allegations of illegal campaign contributions and the 10 million dollars she inherited just to squander away on her own campaign fund I thought,  “This chick has got (gonads)!”   Nobody thinks she can do it but her, she must have some pretty darn good reasons to think she HAS to be a U.S. Senator NO MATTER WHAT THE COST!  Then it hit me like a dark pair of sunglasses worn at night.  She was pulling an Elwood Blues!  She’s on a mission from God!

Yep, she told the weekly newspaper of the Florida Baptist State Convention that if the general public didn’t “elect Christians, then in essence you are going to legislate sin.” Wow!  You gotta wonder if she is perfect in her own mind because doesn’t the Bible say we “all sin and fall short of the glory of God?”  Doesn’t that include Republicans, Senators and even Katherine Harris?  We call Muslims fanatics but now Christians are the only people fit to govern the huddled masses?  Gee, what about one of our basic building blocks of the U.S. Constitution, “a separation of church and state”?  (Which she called a “lie.”)

Years ago when JFK was running for president there was concern over he being a Catholic.  Kennedy assured the public that his religious beliefs were private.  Being a Catholic would not keep him from being fair and open minded when it came to interpreting, dictating and delegating the laws of the land.  Has that famous stance changed now?  We are a government of, by and for the democratic people.  We are not God’s expression of government here on earth like some might have you think.  I believe there is the Kingdom of Heaven where God resides, but I don’t think it is actively pursuing the U.S. Senate race in Florida, nor is it remotely interested in it.  If it were, we wouldn’t be in this mess today.

#34, “Sweetness” set many records on the football gridiron.  Unlike other running backs he was prone to smashing into opponents rather than taking the sidelines.  When he made it to the end zone, he handed off the football to a referee or another player to “spike” the ball.  He was relatively quiet about his greatness and didn’t “showboat” on the field.  So now, Katherine, stop “showboating” on God’s coattails.

Teddy Roosevelt likened the White House to a “bully pulpit” not a “holy pulpit” because it had nothing to do with his religion, only politics.  I think that politics should be outside of the realm of religious interpretation, because lets face it…  when does God get credit for anything  a politician does?  If they have a direct link with God why do they continue to blunder along in office?  Shouldn’t things be getter clearer rather than darker, better rather than worse?

C’mon. Katherine… do what the Bible says,  “Pay Caesars’s things back to Caesar but God’s things back to God.” Doesn’t that very passage declare a separation in itself?  Unless you can prove He endorses you in particular, don’t claim that He sides with your party.   To my knowledge… He hasn’t backed any losers.

Still…  you gotta admire her (gonads),   right?  I think she’d make Walter proud.

2 Responses to “Katherine Harris is my kind of man”

  1. Seven Star Hand Says:

    Hello Chris,

    Bush’s Gift Horse has Hoof in Mouth Again

    Katherine Harris’ recent gaffe proves that the Republican Party is hell-bent on imposing a theocracy, regardless of what most people think, or what the US constitution says or the founding fathers said. While bedeviling us all with their holier-than-thou pretenses and thinly-veiled stage acting, they regularly “climb into bed” and trade favors with any scoundrel, cabal, or corporation willing to pave their path to wealth and power. Here is one more straw upon the camel’s back evidencing the failings of any system that foolishly relies on money, religion, and politics to deliver truth and justice for all.

    Let’s get to the root of the problem of deluded and greedy politicians who seek to impose their own ignorance on millions of others. Because of our reliance on money, politics, and religion, we are teetering on the verge of worldwide disaster. Idiots like Ms. Harris and her cohorts couldn’t care less about everyone else as long as they get their hands on wealth and power, even if it means pretending to serve the Creator. It is long past time that people stand up for truth and justice and give these scoundrels their due.

    Read more here…


  2. chrisfiore5 Says:

    Yeah, she admits to catering to her audience at the time, which is typical of any politician… these so called “God appointments” go all the way back to the Crusades. Thanks for your in-put

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