32 caliber docudrama

I enjoy controversy as much as the next non-conformist.  Sometimes a little heat is a good thing, like; what did they know, how much did they know and when did they know it?  I have no doubt that there are things going on that we don’t know about which may or may not be for our own protection.  On the other hand it may or may not be protecting someone else.  Suffice it to say the American public is probably more suspicious of government than ever before.  I don’t know when cover-ups began but you can bet your bottom dollar it was LONG before Bill Clinton was born.

And that is the rub with me, the blame game that is going on in politics, fingers pointing at W, fingers pointing back at Slick Willie… it is confusing to one who doesn’t believe that any one administration is 100 percent right or wrong.  It is the people that allow these things to go on… we revel in the dark, little tabloid half truths and sensationalism of the entertainment industry and news media.  We seem to have this insatiable appetite for the abnormal, juicy little tidbits of gossip without even caring who gets hurt.  The truth will sort things out later but right now give us all the sordid little details of speculation and social ruin.

And sometimes speculation can be a good thing, like;  what would happen if oil was discovered in my back yard or if I were on Oprah would my book sales go through the roof?  (I think I could write a book if I were to have that type of endorsement.  Oh, I need to write the book first?  Darn!)  Product placement and research can be founded on speculation, even the Stock Market and the Federal Government’s interest rate is based on speculation.  My own blog, “the Rock and Roll Conspiracy” was inspired the same way.

I read a thing about this film about to be shown at some Toronto film festival called “Death of a President” today and at first I thought it was funny, daring, very hip and “on the edge”.  But as I sit down to write this I think I have reconsidered.  I am not a fan of George W. Bush,  I didn’t think Bill Clinton was all that great either.  In fact,  I can’t think of any president in our history that I would consider worthy of worship because of one tiny flaw… they were/are all human.  Prone to the same mistakes in judgement, the same frailties, the same lapse of morality as the rest of us.  We can’t put them on a pedestal that we ourselves cannot be placed on.  Granted they have access to information that we don’t have  They wield power and influence that we’ll never see.  And they’ll go down in history as great Americans, something the rest of us hope for but will not be recognized as outside of our immediate circle of family, friends and associates. 

I don’t think the world would be better off with the assassination of any political figure.  To me that is the cowards way of means and the ramifications generally are not the intended purpose, just a sad consequence that must be played out in its aftermath.  Our society has dealt with these things in the past and we know it is no laughing matter.  When the government was considering taking out Castro back in the sixties, Bobby Kennedy said that Americans should take the high road and not stoop to such barbaric methods, because we stood for something greater then that.  There are some things you just don’t depict, even in parody, art or drama.

Not to say that this film will make someone sit up and say, “Hey, that is a good idea!” or “Wow!  I never thought of that before!”  But I do think it crosses the line of credibility in journalism and art.  Maybe that is the sad state we have come to, disregard for authority and respect for a high office is waning, even amongst our so called “allies”.  I wonder how the English would have reacted to an assassination of Princess Diane docudrama while she was still living and married to Prince Charles?  (the woman was not a saint by any stretch)  But wouldn’t that have been viewed as a sacrilege?  These people are supposed to be our friends.  I wonder…

I sincerely doubt that the More4 (and channel 4, both of England) showing of this “docudrama” will cause a new wave of terrorism.  Like I said, this idea probably has crept into a few fertile minds.  Also the Toronto film festival that wants to show this as a matter of art will not put much of a strain on American-Canadian relationships.  But what if the unthinkable did happen?  We’ve had 4 presidents killed in office, we know the effect it has on the American people and the world.  Do we need it updated for the new millennium?  There is enough violence, despair and mis-information out there now in the real world, some things should be left alone.

I guess freedom of expression does have its limits, I mean the producers of this film are not guilty of doing anything illegal… but they have crossed the line of good taste.  And the Brits say we are uncultured?  Hmmpf! 

I hope the film flops.


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