a quarters worth of free advice

I hate best of lists.  They always come out wrong.  I watch programs that supposedly have the 100 best songs, best recipes, best albums, best automobiles and the like but I am continually disappointed.  Who are these people polling anyway?  Case in point, AFI’s 100 funniest films.

I have the utmost respect for the American Film Institute, I just don’t think they have a sense of humor.  I don’t know the ground rules as to how certain movies got a thumbs up while others received a thumbs down or perhaps no thumb at all but as I look over their list of the top 100 funniest films I can only say one thing… I beg to differ.

Now when I think funny I think not is it funny once or twice…  but everytime I see it?  I know this must sound weird but I laugh at the same parts every time I see “What About Bob?” and I have seen it literally dozens of times.  “What About Bob?” has got to be comedic genius at it’s finest.  And the ironic thing is, the first time I saw it I really didn’t soak it all in.  It was after the third or forth time when I finally got the humor and I have howled every since.

“Back to the Future” was another movie that I enjoyed the first time out, but after I saw it again I realized it was an immediate classic.  Not only did I see it repeatedly and laugh everytime, but it contains some of the best movie quotes in my family’s lexicon.  One sentence from that movie placed at the appropriate time can change the spirit of the of the moment, or reinforce it.

“Parenthood” didn’t make the list either, and while it had some bittersweet moments there are still some very funny parts that would put it on my list of funniest films.  I loved Jim Carrey in “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”(even if I watch it in the summertime) but it too was ignored.  And no “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”?  What about those Martin and Lewis films, especially “Partners” or “Hollywood or Bust”? 

Now in all fairness most of the films selected were funny and ones that I’d have put in my list, if I were to create such a thing.  “Groundhog Day”, “Blazing Saddles”, “Ghostbusters” and “Young Frankenstein” always make me stop channel surfing and watch no matter what part I come in on.  I loved “Tootsie” and “Big” and “Airplane!”  I’m a big fan of all Hope and Crosby films, as well as Abbott and Costello.  The  3 Stooges should be placed in a time capsule and opened 100 years from now.   And if I were stuck on a desert island with only 25 films for my collection you can be sure that “The Jerk” would be among my choices.  Cary Grant had great timing, as did Jimmy Stewart.  Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Kevin Costner are great at being funny either with a word or an expression.

I guess what irks me is the fact that sometimes the world doesn’t laugh with me and that is still okay.  I sense my sense of humor may appear to be nonsense to others and I generally accept that as well.  But when my favorites don’t make the mainstream of what the experts call the “best”, the “top of the list” or the “finest” I begin to wonder if I am normal…  and maybe that is okay, too.  We are, afterall, different and should be celebrating our differences.  And to quote Steve Martin from the movie “Roxanne” (which also didn’t make the list)…

“Laugh, and the world laughs with you.  Sneeze and it’s goodbye Seattle!”

Suffice it to say that funny always is and never changes… it is in the hearing that induces the laughter and there is nothing wrong with my ears.  I believe humor resonates in our hearts and is always ready to tickle our reflexes.  Some just need more prodding.


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