the 23rd blog

I enjoy life in the 21st century, I really do.  I look back in our history and while some pretty cool activities have been noted I can’t imagine living at any other space and time then right now.  I don’t believe in living in the past, it is over and done with… we cannot change it.  With that being said, here are some periods in history that I think would have been interesting to have witnessed.

1)  The first reaction to the words,  “Not tonight,  I have a headache.”

2)  The first time someone said, “Trust me.”  and then learn the outcome.

3)  The first song that had the phrase, “do do do” or “la la la” or “do se do” or “aiy yi yi yi” and know why the writer couldn’t fit in real words instead.

4)  To have been around when the first slang word was used and seen the people’s reaction to it.  For that matter to learn what made the first cuss word a cuss word and seen people’s reaction to it.

5)  It would have been neat to have been around when John met Paul, then George, then Ringo.

6)  It would have also been very cool to have been in a vehicle next to Elvis when he was toolin’ along in a delivery truck singing his heart out long before he was discovered.

7)  I would have loved to have met Einstein and theorized with his relatives.

8)  I would have enjoyed a conversation with Groucho Marx, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe or Humphrey Bogart but I probably would have felt more comfortable with Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart or Jacqueline Obradors.  (You’ll have to look that one up)

9)  It would have been fun to have eaten the first dish of ice cream without all the strings that go with it.

10)  They say that Sinatra was bigger than the Beatles, I would have liked to have been around then and later just to see if it were true.

11)  I would have enjoyed being with Lewis and Clark as they discovered the West.

12)  I would have enjoyed being with the Native Amercians before they discovered Lewis and Clark.

13)  I would have loved to have been on the other end of Alexander Graham Bell’s first phone call.  It would have been hysterical to have shared a party line now as a grown adult.  I would have enjoyed being able to make a call at a pay phone and been able to talk all day for a nickel. 

14)  I wonder if when the first joke was told somebody said, “I don’t get it.”

15)  I wonder if when the first “I love you” was spoken the person really meant it.

16)  And if when someone said “I’m sorry” were they really?

17)  To have known the first really extraordinary individual and seen if they had a big ego or if they just took it in stride.

18)  To have heard the first prayer by an atheist.

19)  I would have liked to have been nearby when the first A-bomb went off so I could have said, “What was that?” 

20)  I wish I could have warned Abraham, Martin, John and Bobby.

21)  Not that I wish I were rich or anything, but it would have been interesting to have been one of the original investors with AT&T, GM, McDonald Douglas or some equally influential corporation.

22)  It would be bizzare to know all the trends in fashion design history just to be able to say, “Oh, we’re bringing THAT back again?”

23)  Last but not least,  I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall and witnessed the first time my Mom met my Dad.

Now I know everybody has their own blasts from the past and as soon as I end this I’ll no doubt think of a dozen more.  Still, I enjoy the 21st century if for no other reason than to look back and be grateful for the things we had, the things we have now and those we hope for in the future.   



6 Responses to “the 23rd blog”

  1. Anna Says:

    Just a random hit, chrisfiore5. Anyway, I agree. It’s crazy to think there was a first for everything, and that someone, somewhere witnessed those firsts.

  2. januarys Says:

    WOW. A blog that doesn’t suck. First I thought, this guy has some serious opinions about blogs, I’ve never heard a blog treated seriously. But then… Gee, you are a good writer buddy. I like your style and I may….come….BACK… and visit. a blog? Well that’s enough surprise to keep me awake tonight.

    But thanks for investing yourself — it’s always a gamble saying what you think if you’re not sure anyone is watching.

  3. chrisfiore5 Says:

    hey january… well what can I say? I put my heart into everything I do, well not EVERYTHING. Like Woody Allen says, “I don’t mind dying I just don’t want to be there when it happens”. I appreciate your candor, come back anytime.

  4. fuertesrafagas Says:

    I’m glad you left a comment on my blog so that I could trace you back here and see yours! I really enjoyed reading your blog and I definitely will come back! This blast from the past post was my favorite. Keep up the good work!

    ~ FR

  5. chrisfiore5 Says:

    just another day in the life, FR… you, me and a ton of cyberspace to be filled. Happy to do my part.

  6. JohnPearson Says:

    Nice Post.

    That was well said. Always appreciate your indepth views. Keep up the great work!


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