Catch 22

“The telephone is ringing… they tell me that it’s Chairman Mao.  The telephone is ringing… they say that it’s Chairman Mao.  I don’t care who it is… I just don’t wanna talk to them now.  I got the a…eyaaa-political blues.”   Little Feat.  written by Lowell George.

It is becoming more and more difficult to be apolitical… you know, not affiliated with any agenda or thought process in the realm of government.  But by now you have probably guessed that it doesn’t mean you can’t have an OPINION on certain things, even though you have no clout, influence or favor with the powers that be.  The thing is, if you do voice an objection people will undoubtably say something profound like, “Hey man, if you don’t vote… don’t squawk.”  Which seems like good advice, like don’t fart in the bathtub if you can’t take the bubbles or something equally droll as that.

I read on the internet something interesting (which may mean you have to question it’s authenticity)  (my business partner is suspicious of anything that isn’t on FOX NEWS) about the number one billion.

A billion seconds ago it was 1959

A billion minutes ago it was about the time of Christ.

A billion hours ago nobody walked upright upon the Earth.

So the next time politicians talk about billions of dollars like it is just so much confetti you get an idea what it represents in simple terms.

There was a movie out sometime ago with Alan Arkin entitled “Catch 22”.  ( a real classic, you should see it)  (yes, it is in color, sheesh!)  The story went that during WWII pilots were given so many flight missions (bombing raids) and then sent back to the States.  Except the brass kept increasing the number of missions each pilot had to fly, thereby upping the odds that they would get shot down.  The only way to get out of flight duty was insanity, but the catch 22 was that if you tried to get out of flying so many missions on account of insanity it meant that you weren’t really nuts because you grasped the gravity of the whole premise of too many missions and the ratio of success.

So I guess there is a lesson here.  If you don’t want to be a part of the system, you shouldn’t criticize it.  Sort of like…  if you don’t want to repair the road you shouldn’t  complain about the bumps.

But I keep thinking there needs to be an accountability somewhere.  That we need further scrutiny from an unbiased party, with no affliliation to anything but the truth and well being of our society.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything like that.  I just think we’ve gone too far astray for any one person or government to figure out what is wrong and rein us all back in from the brink of disaster, you know?

So the catch 22 is this… like those pilots in the movie, you know that all is not good with your mission quota in life but your complaints fall on deaf ears because you can’t really be dissatisfied since you obviously have no plausible solution other wise you wouldn’t be complaining in the first place. 

So just continue to fly and keep your fingers crossed as you face the inevitable…  and pack your own ‘chute (you might fly over a neutral, apolitical refuge).


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