blinded by foresight

No doubt you have heard of 20/20 hindsight.  You know, where everything that has gone wrong in the past now seems clearly avoidable as you look back on it.  Where what seemed a good choice at the time now has bitter consequences so that you wish you could call for a “do over” ?  I wonder why it is so difficult to move away from those episodes.  Why is it that we have an uncanny ability to perceive the obvious and seem blinded by foresight?

Have you noticed how easy it is to diagnose someone else’s problems?

Joe: “Doc, everytime I do this it hurts.”

Doc: “Well, don’t DO that!”

I think our government is making a big mistake in trying to force morality on it’s citizens.  I know we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, but there are choices being made in light of someone else’s view of Christianity that may not be the majority’s view, and isn’t that what a democracy is all about?  If the majority of the nation wants to run around half naked and whoop it up like wild Indians, should there be a government (paid for by the same people that are whooping it up, half naked) that says it is immoral and we shouldn’t be doing it?  I don’t think that poses a threat to humankind, social values or national security.

There used to be a time not too long ago that chiropractors were viewed as being in league with the devil.  Natural treatments and age old remedies were being scoffed at as being “unreliable” and “deceptive”, “unproven” and “unscientific”.  Like synthetic drugs (man made) are better than organic (plants and herbs) concoctions.  Anything new that comes down the pike is immediately viewed as “poppycock” and “ridiculous”, “far reaching” or “immoral”.  Research is a two edged sword.  People want cures for disease but if something is proposed that seems out of the ordinary it is branded as “unorthodox” and “barbaric”.

There is research out there that is cutting edge, that promises to change the prospect of living for every man, woman and child for the next hundred years if it is allowed to be properly funded and the shackles are removed.  But that future is postponed while a few in office feel the moral duty to conspire against it for the sake of their interpretation of a Godly view.  Those same people have no problem with waging war, by the way, which seems immoral to me.

We are the richest, most influencial society in history.  We should be looking forward to the future and utilizing our abilities for the common good.  What those in power are doing is stifling our chance to vault mankind into a future that he has dreamed about for generations.  Stem cell research should be embraced for all its potential known and that to come.  If our abilities are truly God given, they should continue to be refined and used to their potential.  That is what proves us to be in His image, because we continually try to improve ourselves.  We may never reach perfection, but we shouldn’t hamstring the efforts that move us closer to it.  Perhaps as we come to realize that, we won’t use God as a crutch to blind our foresight.  

But there I go being non-political again.


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