Repeal the Fuel Tax

I hate being political, though I think I’d be very good at it.  I really have no hidden agenda or pet projects, I don’t know any oil barons or corporation moguls.  I guess I can’t expect to be very successful as their pawn in the game of political intrigue.  But I do have an idea or two on how our government could be more friendly to the American people.  Right now more than at any other time in our history people are feeling alienated by the goings on in Washington D.C.  It wouldn’t be too hard to win them back if politicians would only stop and think for a moment.  One very easy way to restore the public’s confidence would be to repeal the fuel tax.  Make it illegal to impose federal, state or local fuel taxes.

Gasoline prices, for example, would drop about 40% in most areas.  Think of it, gas at less than 2 bucks a gallon.  Right now the high price of gasoline has effected the price of just about everything else.  A 40 lb. bag of water softner salt goes for over 6 dollars.  For salt?  One of the most readily available components on the earth, but due to the cost of fuel it’s cost has risen 33% in just a few short months.  There was a time when gas cost about 18 cents a gallon.  Ofcourse the cost of EVERYTHING has gone up in the past 50 years, but proportionally gasoline ranks higher than the average inflated dollar, which purchases about 10% of what it did 50 years ago.  If that scale held true to gas prices we’d be paying about $1.80 a gallon WITH all the taxes included. 

So we should repeal gas taxes and the cost of shipping goods would go back down which in turn would stimulate the economy because people would have more money to spend on other things, like food.  Oh, I know some might argue that gasoline taxes pay for better roads, but don’t we pay taxes on a local level for these things?  When a new mall is built, don’t they have to make improvements on the ajoining roads as part of their development?  Also, don’t we get taxed every year for driving a car each time we renew our license plate?  And our drivers license?  When we buy tires and belts or have our car serviced?  What about insurances?  Aren’t they taxed?   I’m sure there are a dozen creative ways we could get money for road repair and expansion.  The government has a cash cow in the gasoline taxes and they don’t want to let it go.  Imagine the BILLIONS of dollars they garnish EVERYDAY from taxes we pay on gas!

The call to repeal the fuel tax is not limited to gasoline, I would have it include heating fuel as well; coal, propane and natural gas.  Picture Grandma in the dead of winter struggling to heat her home on a fixed income.  Enter the government capitalizing on her misery by taxing the only means she has to survive!  It seems immoral to me.  Government should be more sensitive to a citizen’s struggle, taxes shouldn’t be a burden but a joy!  You know, a working for the common good.  I think the majority of people wouldn’t mind paying taxes if they had some say as to where the proceeds were spent.

Also I would include jet fuel and diesel.  As I mentioned earlier, most items we buy have to be shipped, usually by truck.  Lower fuel means lower costs to ship which in turn means lower cost to buy.  Gasoline is shipped by truck, truck spends more for diesel, gas prices go up even more.  Consumer confidence would soar if the government took the needed steps to say, “Look folks, we know it is tough out there.  Repealing fuel taxes should help lift the burden a bit.  After all, we buy commodities, too.” 

It shouldn’t be considered a luxury item to travel by aircraft.  Some people commute daily to work, others travel to visit Grandma and shouldn’t have to pay a tax on fuel when travelling to visit.  Imagine reaching Grandma’s house, (which is too cold in the winter time) offering tidings of comfort and joy while having to be taxed for that.  Some may not even be able to visit Grandma during the holidays because of high fuel costs.  This seems heathenistic to me, and we are supposed to be a christian nation.

As I said, taxes are a part of our society, but being taxed as we move to and fro eking out a living, delivering goods (like relief supplies to flood victims) or traveling throughout this great nation of ours seems to be contrary to our citizenry and heritage.  We are a free people.  Being taxed for fuel is like being taxed to walk, talk and breathe.  We deserve better and should expect it from our government. 

If you don’t believe me… ask your Grandma.


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