Pet Peeves

Holy Moly! Two posts in one day! Again! It must be incredible being you!  I have been contemplating this blog for awhile now, not because it is so breathtaking (like most of them are) or groundbreaking (like the rest of them are) but because it is on a subject dear to my heart.  It does not contain my 19th nervous breakdown, but includes some real irritating situations that you might recognize.  We may actually share a common bond, after all.

I hate the fact that smokers have to hang outside the door to a restaurant to smoke their cigarettes.  Not only do they create a cloud of second hand smoke that we non-smokers have to hold our breath and walk through, but they do it defiantly…  like we can’t keep them from the nasty habit they are addicted to… so there.  Also we have to have their butts all over the sidewalk.  Smokers think the world is their ashtray and make no bones about flicking them like boogers all over Gods creation.  Smokers are real selfish people and resent the laws that govern them.  They should all be shipped to Siberia.

I hate the fact that I can go to a restaurant and see long haired people preparing my food.  You can’t tell me that a little cap or visor is keeping all that unclean filth off my McMuffin.  Not only do I see people with long hair flippin’ my burger but they also comb and braid it back there as well.  Discusting.

People that rush through traffic to stop at the light first defy logic.  Why do they risk life and limb (plus waste all that gas we pay taxes for) just to make it to the intersection and screech to a halt just baffles me.  I hate tailgaters and boom boxes, too.  It may be hard out here for a pimp, but I don’t have any sympathy for them while thumping at ultra-low decibels.

Rush Limbaugh has got to be one of the most annoying people on earth.  I can’t stand the way he gloats when he is right every once in a while, and I don’t like it when he brags about how smart he is or when he repeats himself over and over. (like most drug addicts do).  I also felt that if you have any smarts, people will notice.  You don’t have to broadcast it, people recognize brilliance and admire it when it is accompanied with humility.

I don’t like the news all that much, it seems shallow to me… too controlled, too politically correct.  Especially local news, I don’t need beautiful people talking about things that I have no interest in like some talk show host and labelling it news.  There are many worthwhile things we could be educated on, but to me news programs are like popularity contests.

I don’t believe in reality T.V.  Paris Hilton proved that anybody with mediocre looks and less talent but still obscenely rich could also be famous, but why would they want to be?  I get embarressed for people with their unquenchable desire to be admired, what were they lacking at home?

Howard Stern is a has been, he should do his contract and then retire, he just isn’t funny anymore.  It was better when he had limits and feared the FCC.  Now he’s just resting on repeats from the past, he’s done.

People that constantly offer me credit cards should be fined by the government. 

I do miss the advertisements that said I may already be a millionaire, the odds were in my favor.  I’d like them to be right once in a while.

Christmas music in September.  That is just wrong to me.  Halloween is the second most popular holiday of the year.  We don’t hear about it in July.

Classic rock music to sell anything is a sacrilege.  It is by itself anti-establishment.  “Stickin’ it to the Man!”  It is not about selling Cadillacs, that should be reserved for Country and Western.

Lame movies about dumb slobs that always get a babe.  Just plain fantasy.  No hot chick wants a dumb, beer bellied guy who dropped out of high school to live with his mom.  It was funny at first, but now it isn’t.  Don’t the movie makers realize that there are  people out there that are influenced because they actually believe what they are seeing?

And last but not least (there are more but I’ll save them for now) Politicians should not act like good ol’ boys who get where you are or say they remember where they come from or want to do the right thing or any of that hogwash.  They also should not try to straddle the fence, be politically correct or non-confrontational.  If they have an idea in their head they should express it and stick by it.  Not explain what they said by re-defining what they said to appease the people that question what they said and why.  Get a backbone or don’t run… dare to be different.

I would also like to apologize to anyone who smokes outside restuarants or drives too fast just to reach the intersection and stop first or listens to ultra-low decibel music if anything I wrote here offends them.  My sincere sorrow is certainly expressed to the long haired food preparers, or those of you who may work at a local news station and/or admire Rush Limbaugh.  I also regret speaking tersely about Paris Hilton and reality T.V. in a despairingly way.  Howard Stern is still King of all Media in his own mind.  Credit card people are certainly only looking out for my well being.  Christmas music should always be in season.  Fat slobs need love, too.  And if listening to the Who inspired you to buy your Cadillac, you may be alright, too.

P.S.  My hat is in the ring.


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