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sweet 16

July 16, 2006

My first love was named Frances, the moment we met we knew we were meant for each other.  There were many other girls to choose from, a lot of boys on the playground but we were destined to be married and live happily ever after.  In our minds there was never any doubt about that.  But circumstances were not right for us early on, like all young lovers we ignored rationality and fell head first in love.

She had soft brown eyes, honey blonde hair and a smile that melted my heart.  I found myself doing all sorts of foolish stunts just to gain her attention and approval.  Ofcourse I had competition for her affections and had to prove my worthiness via a skirmish or two with other suitors.  I came from a poor family and she was uppercrust, but love is a great equalizer.  She saw potential in me and I was smitten by her graciousness.

Frances and I would have been a storybook tale if not for cruel fate.  Her parents seperated us and moved to California.  It was a tearful goodbye.  I spent a long time pining over her and denouncing the cruelties of love.  Our year and a half together still resonates in my soul and I often wonder what became of her.  Does she ever think of me and our brief time together back in Iowa?  Did she marry and have children, did she go to Hollywood and become a star?  I’ve often wondered how we would react if we were somehow united after all this time, if we would recognize each other. 

I’m sure it takes a lot to impress a Kindergartener, because  I don’t remember much else about that time in my life, but I do remember her.  People talk about young love at the tender age of 16, but by then I had already met mine and had it denied me.  By the time I had reached 16 I had moved on to other relationships many times over.  I had discovered the loss of my virginity, the realization of a social status denied and suffered being deprived of the potential Frances must have seen in me. 

But I am also an eternal optimist and I believe in love.  Wherever Frances is I know she grew to be a wonderful, sincere woman and when she loved again her emotions became a lasting, unreserved love that poets write about… and dreamers hurry to rest in the hope of sharing in. 

And I do dream…