2 weeks

Maybe it is just me, but I often wonder why certain numbers were attached to the accepted standards of conduct.  For example: 2 weeks notice.  There is no law that I know of that requires an employee to give his boss two weeks notice before leaving a position, but that seems to be the norm in business.  Then again, termination by an employer can be immediate.  Where is the justice in that?  Ofcourse there are things such as severance pay and the collection of benefits earned, but the employee usually must depart on the day notice was given. 

Another standard that comes to mind is the 2 week vacation.  How did this become the accepted reward for a years hard work?  With 52 weeks in the year, 2 weeks vacation isn’t even 5 percent of the year.  Imagine how much better things would be if we could take 10 percent of the year off as vacation time!  With 5 weeks off in a year I think the stress level of the American worker would drop significantly.  That would be on average a weeks vacation every two months!  Something to look forward to at the end of February, April, July, September, and November! That would surely be a boon to the hotel/motel/casino industry and all those related service fields.  I think the economy would rock then and society in general would be happier.  It is a well documented fact that we are over stressed, tired and apathetic towards any positive change in government.  This would solve a lot of that, and even create jobs for the part time work force.

Also, there is two weeks between office visits to the doctor/dentist/therapist.  How is it that our little antibodies are in tune with the 14 day time table we put upon ourselves?  If I have a lower metabolism than the average person, two weeks may not be long enough for me to properly heal and I may die.  14 days might allow my teeth to fall out or grow in crooked.  336 hours may convince me that I am not crazy and no longer need a therapist then be enough time to make me go berserk if I am wrong.  No, to me two weeks is not conducive to sound medical practice.

But finally we come to the biggest puzzle of all in the 2 week cycle and men know what I am talking about.  Understanding why God wanted to split the month right down the middle when it comes to being in good graces with the female gender?  It seems cruel to me, to be going along minding my own business, being generally the same well rounded and happy go lucky individual that I am then wham! I discover that I am a typical male!  Bummer.  You know, if God had wanted to He could have gotten the entire process taken care of in about 15 minutes and saved mankind a lot of headaches.  So ladies, get mad at Him, not us!  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy doting on a woman and being sympathetic as much as the next guy, but these re-occurring conditions of the female body/mind/soul are not our fault! 

So guys, the next time a two week cycle of ANYTHING comes your way, consider what we have discussed:  Notice, take more time, heal and understand…   You are a typical male, bummer.



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