Bakers Dozen

I like Donovan, ‘Catch the Wind’ is such a cool song.  (I’m listening to him now)  They say Donovan was the epitome of sixties music and culture, which may be true… flower power and surrealistic pillow notwithstanding.  I believe youth in the sixties really were more optimistic than people give them credit for.  If you look back through history they  had to endure a bunch of social trauma, you know… with the Vietnam War and those assassinations, plus riots in the streets and plenty of stereotypical hogwash from the ‘establishment’. 

It must have been extremely difficult to etch out individuality in those days, sure glad we don’t have to contend with that anymore (whew!)  I wonder how todays generation would measure up under those circumstances.  Anyway, Donovan’s music seems uplifting to me, I’d recommend him… either as an aquaintance to the mood of the era or as a nostalgic trip through the light fantastic, Donovan is not the elevator music from your Fathers day.

The moldy, golden oldie radio stations are dead… I have heard satellite programs and I am here to say they are our future.  Which is way cool because I have been on a mission of my own these past few years to save the classic music of a generation whose time has not past, but seems to have ebbed slowly to a halt.  That vibration has not yet faded, I firmly believe that.  Anyway…

Groups like King Crimson, Blue Cheer and Frigid Pink have been on my radar as of late, as well as the Rascals, the Youngbloods, the Hollies and Eric Burden and the Animals.  Years ago I discovered that most FM stations seemed to have about 30 songs that they played over and over again.  It almost squelched my appetite for period music.  Now I love Zepplin, Hendrix and the Who… but I get baked when they get played out worse than the current top 40.  ….and I enjoy groups like Dashboard Confessional, Radiohead and Dave Matthews, too.  They don’t seem to get worn in my head, but ask me how I feel about that in 40 years… they may have over stayed their welcome by then (but I doubt it)!

So if you’re a bold type of person looking for a different take on music, why not try a Lovin’ Spoonful of Cream along with some Vanilla Fudge on your Sugarloaf?  You can bet your Moby Grape that your palate will thank you.  Shucks, there’s 13 groups or individuals worthy of reheating in your microwave.  If you try I’ll bet you could come up with a few more.  I know I could, and probably will… ( perhaps in the future we’ll rehash this topic).  Who knows, maybe this will help open communications between the generation not yet passed with the one not yet passed out. 

But right now all this talk about food has made me hungry… 



One Response to “Bakers Dozen”

  1. Chantal Says:

    Oh! This was an awesome post! My sisters who are older than myself were teenagers in the sixties, and I remember sitting on the living room floor, sifting through their records….Dave Clark Five, The Beatles, The Byrds, The Beach Boys, The Animals, The Mamas & The Papas… I think it’s thanks to my sisters “allowing” me to touch their records that I developed my love for all kinds of music.
    Thanks for the names that I wasn’t familiar with….and I’m glad to see you enjoy Radiohead & Dave Matthews (I do, too)…


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