I would rather be a night person, I really would.  Getting up early is a chore and so against my routine that I even do it on the week-ends for fear that when Monday rolls around I won’t want to get up.  I know what you’re thinking and you might as well say it,  I have sold out.

There was a time when all my action really started after midnight, not by design but because of circumstance.  I was working the second shift and didn’t get off until 11 pm.  Now what bright, single, energetic 22 year old wants to go straight home and go to bed right after work, regardless of the time?  So, ‘ I loved the night life, I wanted to boogie on the disco ’round, yeah.’ But I enjoyed the night even earlier than that.  It had to do with my upbringing.

I remember when I was a kid my Mom used to take us (I’m not making this up) out to look for UFO’s.  And ofcourse, every UFO hunter knew that they only came out at night, well, not always… but the darkness made them easier to see… unless they were on stealth mode… or cloaked… or on Eastern time… but wait! I’m rambling.  The important thing is this, we were night people by nature.  We’d look up at the stars in awe, looking for guidance… looking for answers, looking for E.T.  We wouldn’t do these things in broad daylight because the bright sun light would blind us, and people would see how silly we were. 

I have to admit that there were some things happening in the heavens that we could not explain so we would concede the fact that it ‘must have been a UFO’.  Actually UFO sightings by us were fairly common, which was remarkable because we had no special training and didn’t live any where near Studio 54.  But sure enough, if something blazed acrossed the star studded sky and my Mom shrieked, “What was that?”  we’d have to agree that because we couldn’t tell what it was it had to be a UFO.  It was that simple.

We really didn’t follow any specific schedule, my Mom would be reading a book by Ron Hubbard or somebody like that and then get an incredible urge to go night driving, almost as if by divine inspiration.  (Which I would later realize was tele-communication)  She was a lightning rod of paranormal activity.  Ofcourse, our conversations were hushed and secretive, but we’d usually get around to asking one another what we would do if we actually were to have communication with an extraterrestrial.  (I don’t know what makes them EXTRA-terrestrial) But my Mom would tell us she would like to meet up with one and perhaps even go for a ride in their spaceship, which made us all feel she was very brave.  Curiously, she would always tell us not to speak to anyone else about her desire, sort of like a family secret.  I for one, never spoke of it to anyone, not out of fear of reprisals but because it was our special time and it bonded us in a spiritualien sort of way.

Funny, years later I still look at the night sky and wonder… I don’t see as many UFO’s as I used to.  I now recognize airplanes and satellites, planets and moons, wisps of clouds, cosmic gases,  also the constellations, meteors and revolving radio transients (which I think would be a great name for a rock band).  Perhaps the real mystery is gone, I can explain more than I could as a kid because I no longer accept the simple answer.  Or maybe the UFO pilots  have packed up and moved to another hemisphere. 

But I do know one thing that will never change.  While the night is clear and cool, when the sky is a quilt of glittering sequins,  I step out to re-acquaint myself with the marvels of the unknown and the secrets of the universe…  and I still miss my Mom.


2 Responses to “Midnight”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    That was neat, Ric. I still miss her too. Our mother was one of a kind.

  2. awmyth Says:

    Your mother seems was a very special person.

    I lost my mother recently. She was my very best friend. I feel an emptiness when i think of her. Of the hardships we had been through.

    Since her death I have come to feel one thing, that I never knew or felt before. Death to me used to be a vague end to life, an uncertainty tinged with fear of not knowing. Never believed in the otherside or afterlife. Death had to be the complete end.

    But suddenly I am not scared of death anymore. I know I will meet my mum again on the other side. She will be waiting for me. There has to be an ‘otherside’ otherwise this life has no meaning.

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