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a perfect 10

June 22, 2006

You restore my faith in beauty.

(she stops like I’ve distracted her from something important)  What?

You restore my faith in beauty, I’d lost it for awhile but thanks to you I’ve found it again…

(she looks at me, amused)  Okay, so how did I do that?

Oh I dunno, I guess you just showed up.  The rest took care of itself,  it all kinda happened naturally.

(a sly smile now)  So… what do you intend to do about it?

Good question,  …I could say that I’d be content to observe you from afar…

( puzzled)  Could say?

Yeah, but that would be a lie…

(she laughs) Which part?

All of it… I could never be content observing you anywhere but here, next to me.

(she shakes her hair back from her eyes and looks directly into mine)  You’re  pretty confident, aren’t you?

No, I’m just like you are…

(her head pulls back slightly, like my words jolted her)  Just like me?  How’s that?

I’m afraid of what’s happened here, where it’s leading…

(she nods defiantly) You presume too much.  I’m not sure I like this… (she turns as if to go)

I know, I feel the same way.  It seems real familiar, though, …doesn’t it?

(she relaxes somewhat, looks out from behind the bar at the other patrons milling about… we are surrounded by dozens of pick-up lines but isolated by the moment,  she smiles again)  Maybe… just a little.

So tell me now, stay or go… this place is a cathedral and my soul must confess either way,  …it’s still true. 

(she pretends to be confused) What is?

You restore my faith in beauty.

(she leans in from across our boundary and kisses me tenderly) Stay awhile then… and thank you  (she pulls back seductively)  for saying it so eloquently…

My heart commands my words be true, they come easily where you’re concerned…

(she squeezes my hand… )



June 22, 2006

The world is in a pretty nasty predicament.  We wonder if it can get any worse and then to our dismay it does.  Sometimes we think there is nothing we can do to change things and we are filled with dread, afraid to lay our heads down at night… perhaps worse is the fear of waking tomorrow.  It is so difficult to cope, we appear poised to continue making the same mistakes over again.  WWJD?

Yes, what would John do?  John Lennon, that is. 

It amazes me that the simpliest answers seem to elude us.  John would have protested, loud and long… possibly not leaving his bed for a week, maybe two.  Instant Karma.  I admired him for his stance on issues.  He never claimed to be anything more than ordinary, just working class but he had some powerful views and wasn’t shy about taking them to the public.  How do you suppose he’d be re-acting today?  No doubt he would be the first to tell us that we are heading down the same path we were some 30 odd years ago.  John would claim we hadn’t learnt our lessons, or maybe say we are letting government bureaucracts do our thinking for us.

John and Yoko sent acorns to world leaders, hoping they would be persuaded to nurture and grow life rather than seek to destroy it.  How cool, John believed in peace and thought the world was smart enough to deliver it.  I think we should relive John’s credo in our own day to day lives just to recapture the optimisim he had.  You know, we all shine on.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many celebs out there lending their voices to worthwhile causes.  Good, sincere people hoping to make a difference and offer hope to those in need.  Likewise John’s efforts were not ‘flavors of the month’ or pet projects… and like it or not, he didn’t require any more status than what he had already achieved.  But as an activist  John’s stature did grow though he downplayed his increased notoriety as an effort to belittle his efforts and sincerity.  John didn’t need any more fame, he wanted the rest of us to get with it.  Give peace a chance wasn’t just a slogan but a call for sanity.

Fear is a strong ally to motivation.  Watch the news, read the paper, check it out on the web.  We are being directed by the powers that be and fear is playing a large part into their tool of manipulation.  Take this brother may it serve you well.

John Lennon stepped out of the public view for a time,  content to watch the wheels go round and round.  Just when he was set to come roaring back into our lives his own life was cut short.  But if he were alive today I don’t think he’d be resting on his laurels.   WWJD?  Just try to imagine.