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June 11, 2006

Seven seems to be a pretty lucky number for some folks, for others it means very little.  If you’ve done something up to 7 times, that is a pretty big deal, don’t you think?  Hmmm…  let’s examine that…

 Bob Seger had 7 albums out before he nailed the hit, “Night Moves” and went off into super stardom.  Now I’ve always liked Seger, but can you imagine 7 albums with little or no acclaim?  Then boom, a number one and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  On the other hand, the Moody Blues did 7 albums (now called the classic 7) and then did 7 more with several personnel changes in between.  I love the Moodies, but the classic 7 are their best collective efforts, each song blends perfectly into the next like nothing I have ever heard.  Their last of the classic 7 was appropriately titled, “7th Sojourn”.  That era, that visit was a brief one at best.  Bob Dylan’s seventh album, “Blonde On Blonde” signaled a change on the horizon in his musical style.  Pink Floyd had 7 albums that gave them a cult following of sorts, then delivered “Dark Side of the Moon”.  My favorite songwriter, Jesse Winchester spaced 7 years between his sixth and seventh albums.  (Then 11 years passed before the release of his 8th!  Haven’t figured that one out either.)  Even the Beatles 7th album, “Rubber Soul” paved the way for the ultimate rock album “Sgt. Pepper”.  What is it about the number 7?  Is it really lucky?  Or is it all just an amazing coincidence?

Let’s see, there are 7 days in the week, 7 wonders of the ancient world, 7 Dwarfs, 7 deadly sins, Popeye the sailor sailed the 7 seas, there were 7 brides for 7 brothers, there’s “Yeah, I’m the one they call the 7th son”, the Hootchie Cootchie Man was born “on the 7th hour, of the 7th day, on the 7th month, 7 doctors say…” he even had 7 hundred dollars and told you not to mess with him.  I wonder if he would have seemed quite as intimidating if he only had $699.50?  There was the Magnificent 7, the 7 Year Itch, the 7th Calvary, 7 Years in Tibet and the 7th Voyage of Sinbad.  Seven even has religious, mystic and astrological connotations.  Think 7th Heaven. 

December 7th, 1941… a date that will live in infamy.  But did you know that on that date 67 years earlier President Ulysses Grant in his sixth annual message to the House and Senate mentioned educating Japanese youth in America?  He also brought up the benefit of learning the Japanese language.  Talk about foresight.

A rainbow has 7 colors. 

Even as I write this 7th entry I realize it is the 7th day (Saturday) of the week!  And the disco favorite, “Saturday Night Fever” was realeased in ’77!  Yikes!  What is it about the number 7?  If you have any insight on this phenomenon, please let me know!

My uncle, the great inventor, came up with a soft drink that he called five up.  But try as he might the drink never took off.  Some time later he made some improvements and re-named it six up.  Unfortunately, he died shortly thereafter… never realizing how close he came to success…