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for play

June 4, 2006

Sometimes I can’t decide which is better for me.  I enjoy my time off.  I can’t think of anything better than to be brewing a cup of tea and contemplating nothing all day.  Nothing inspires me more than the thought of nowhere to go.  It is perhaps what I look forward to most about my time off.  No pressure, you know?  Why do we put ourselves under so much stress?  I think we need to just sit back, relax and smell the napalm. 

 It is not that I don’t enjoy my work, and that is another thing.  People should enjoy what they are doing.  If they hate their job, can they really have the mind set for optimum performance?  It has to be debilitating to spend time somewhere that you loathe.  So I am fortunate there, I actually look forward to going to work and I think it should be a happy place for all of us.  (McDonalds not withstanding) After all, we spend about a third of our lives there, at least until retirement.  (a topic we may delve into later)

Now school, that is another matter entirely.  To be forced to learn certain subjects is beyond me.  If there is no interest in the subject it is extremely hard to fake it.  Enthusiasm is not a four letter word, nor is study… work is.  Learning should be fun, whatever the age.  When we pick the topic we are interested in, we excel.  Sometimes we have to work AT it, but the outcome is a happy one because we desire success.  Once the basic reading, writing and arithmatic is acheived I think there should be aptitude tests given each month to see if a child is really going in the direction of his/her intellect.  We are not the same and our education would be so much better if it weren’t years of disconnected, carbon copied learning.  We should be celebrating our unique qualities at a young age, that would make us happier, less stressful adults.

 So… I have wandered a bit, haven’t I?  Sorry.  We were talking about doing nothing and here I have created controversy.  I have undermined the entire structure of our academic and social structure.  You are now no doubt aghast… which is better than being a ghost.

But that is precisely my point.  Are we all about work or play?  We blend the two so that they complement one another. (or at least, that has been the proven formula)  If our time off is all about drinking binges and smoking dope on the week-end is it really conducive to looking, feeling and performing our best on Monday?  When our jobs/school is a grind all week long, is the week-end really going to be much different?  These things effect our entire outlook on life!

So for work or for play?  I say give equal emphasis to both… and do it with gusto! …which is better than ghost-o.