3 times a lady

Love is pretty cool.  I don’t mean the knock down, drag out conflicts that go along with love’s relationship.  The sleepless nights, self doubt and posturing is for the birds.  The whole concept of love is what I’m talking about.  Love is like putting 10 pounds of sugar in a 5 pound bag.  It bulges, erupts and oozes all over the place.  It can be sticky, sweet and cause youth decay.  There really isn’t anything quite like it.  So much has been written about love, is there really anything left to discover?

 Well if you ask me, we fall in love every day.  Each morning is a re-birth of sorts.  We re-acqauint ourselves with everything from the day before and sub-consciously say, “Oh, yeah… I breathe…. the air feels good today.  So good to be alive!  The sun is warm!  I remember now, I love life and all the things from the day before.  (Except for school, that still sucks)  But Emily from fourth period… wonder what she’ll be wearing… ” and so on.  Maybe it doesn’t happen exactly the same way for everyone, but lets face it.  If not for our memories we’d wake up virtually strangers every single day and learn to love the things we loved previously all over again.  So I say again, love is pretty cool.

I pity those who cannot find love in the open places, those who wait to be struck as if by a giant fist.  Love abounds in every thing we do.  It may sound naive, but of all our emotions… love comes the most easily.  We have to learn so many others, and most of those are counter productive to what we naturally want to do as humans, i.e. love and be loved in return.

Love is a lady to me.  She greets me with open arms and always offers a welcome smile.  I imagine myself walking with her hand in hand near a rushing stream.  Autumn leaves fall softly on the un-made bed of earth we tread so lightly upon.  Love laughs with me and I am never alone.  Love cries openly when I despair but seldom condones my self indulgences.  Her ample breast provides a resting place for my head, Love’s steady heartbeat encourages me like wedding drums.  My lady in waiting, Love adorns herself with angels breath and rose petals. 

Thrice I say, love is pretty cool. 


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