in the begining

With a title like this you might think of the rock group Bad Company ( In the begining…  I believed every word that you said…  (I love that song!)) or perhaps you recall the inspired verse from the Holy Bible.  Which ever end of the spectrum (or somewhere in between) that you come from I bid you greetings.

Advantages of mutual respect and fair play is not a self help blog.  It won’t help you make a million dollars, but then it could… hmmm.  Maybe I should investigate that angle a little further.  I know it doesn’t hold the key to lifes problems, but it may make you a little happier.  It won’t make you taller, smaller or smarter, (it might make you better looking!) but the observations herein may help you to understand one thing.  Nice guys do finish last but it because of one tiny, over looked detail.  They choose their fate!

 I marvel at the world we live in today and find that one truth is universal.  We are by nature a fun loving and trusting species.  Our kindnesses and well being are wished upon by and to everyone.  Imagine the world in a year long Christmas mode.  Wow!  Peace on earth, good will towards men 365 days a year!  What happens to us outside those 12 wonder filled days of shopping malls and egg nog?

Anger, resentment and self pity are not part of our original DNA.  We are molded by our surroundings whether they be by environment or society.  Suspicion, dis-trust and apathy are traits we glean by association, they rub off on us.  They run stealth into the night and invade our psyche not because we desire them, they are infectuous.  We are diseased, we are sickened… we are automatons… is there no way out?

 Happily, yes. 


2 Responses to “in the begining”

  1. thechautauqua Says:

    Hi there! You read my blog, so I read yours. I like your outlook…and you have some pretty profound posts. Keep it up.

  2. What I Have Written, I Have Written « advantages of mutual respect and fair play Says:

    […] Hmmm… think back. […]

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